6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp with Liam James Kay - My Review

6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp with Liam James Kay Review: Is it worth $997?

Well, I don´t want to beat about the bush so here´s my answer:

NO, it is not! Because it is truly MUCH MORE worth than that 😊!!!!

Really, I will take you with me through my journey and my experiences with Liam James Kay´s course and will tell you exactly why I believe that this is the best course out there.

So who am I and why should you be listening to me and reading what my opinion is. My name is Gordon and 12 months ago I started with affiliate martketing besides my main job as a Sales Manager in the Automotive Industry. So I still can remember how it was in the very beginning when you do not know anything about marketing and when you got lost in this confusing jungle of strange marketing words, tools and thousands of possibilities without finding the right path out of it to start and getting some results. So I was buying courses and was learning and trying as hard as I could to implement the things I just learned…I finally understood everything and knew how to proceed and what to do next. Man, I wish this course was available when I started. This would have saved me months of research and learning everything by my own and making expensive mistakes. Now I am earning a couple of hundred dollars each months nearly 100% passiv. I also have a small YouTube channel which helps me getting customers to my affiliate marketing offers. But as I am used to learn and being interested in getting better and learning new stuff I decided to buy Liam´s course. And I can tell you that this was a damn good decision.

So let´s talk about overdelivering!

I've never seen such a complete resource when it comes to affiliate marketing. Everything is covered, from beginner to advanced. This is a must buy if you want to explode your sales. I know that sounds pretty „salesy“ but I am just so overwhelmed and excited about this content.

I took a bunch of courses out there but all together did not deliver any comparable value like this one course with its 82+ lessons that Liam teaches inside. It literally covers EVERYTHING he has done to go from 0 to almost $200k in his first year affiliate marketing, nothing's left out.

Liam is a great guy and proves that every ordinary person can make a change in his live and become successful when you put in some hard work. He is a genuinely awesome guy who does what he says. I've learned a lot since joining and I haven't even finished the course!

Whatever the price is right now, I can almost guarantee it's still worth 10x what he is charging for it.

So let´s see what is included in the course:


  • Are you ready for lift off?
  • The millionaire mindset
  • Choosing a niche that makes you happy & rich
  • Building your brand
  • Finding the ultimate affiliate products
  • Affiliate sales funnels
  • How to beat the competition (with Bonuses)
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube marketing (free traffic)
  • Facebook Marketing (free traffic)
  • Instagram Marketing (free traffic)
  • Google ads (paid traffic)
  • Youtube ads (paid traffic)
  • Facebook ads (paid traffic)
  • Solo ads (paid traffic)
  • Over the shoulder blueprints
  • [Bonus] Super cheap traffic secrets
  • [Bonus] 60 Done for you emails

Liam takes you by the hand and guides you through all of what he knows and what he did to earn nearly 200.000 USD within his first 12 months of doing affiliate marketing. I think this is an outstanding success and he is well positioned to teach things. But from time to time I read comments from people who say „Well, I only want to learn from successful people and when I say successful I mean 6 figure earnings per months not per year!“. So yeah…whatever. When I read comments like that I cannot hold back and ask them if they ever earned a single dime online…Usually there´s no answer….what actually is an answer as well. So Liam knows what he is talking about and is a great teacher who is able to explain things on video with enthusiathm which is very motivating for the audience. And I can confirm that the things he teaches are working!!!

Now I will hop into each chapter oft he course to let you know what to expect in detail:

Are You Ready For Lift Off?

In this very first Chapter Liam welcomes and congratulates you to the course and that you took action. He describes what to expect from the course and how you should follow his instructions to become sucessful.

Then it started with an explanation of what Affiliate Marketing is and why it is one of the best ways to earn money online.

The Millionaire Mindset

This is a very motivational chapter where Liam also talks about how important it is to set goals and to write them down so you can measure against them and keep them in mind. 

Choosing A Niche That Makes You Happy & Rich

Here in this chapter you will get to know how to find a good niche which is making you a lot of money. It is a very important chapter!

Building Your Brand

Brandbuilding is a very powerful marketing strategy where Liam is revealing his secrets of how to become a real master in attraction marketing and which different brand characters are existing and from which you have to find yours.

Finding the ultimate affiliate products

Well, this is also a very helpful chapter because Liam share´s a kind of checklist with different criteria which an affiliate program should fulfill to be considered as a good one. He also shows a bunch of programms and plattforms where you can find them.

Affiliate sales funnels

If you do not know what a funnel is be sure that you will know it after you finished this chapter 😊 A funnel is basically a virtual sales process which is meant to drive a potential customer through different websites and pages and follow up on them with email marketing. How you can use funnels and what kind of funnels Liam used is what you will learn inside this chapter. You will also get some funnels for free and get introduced to some funnelbuilding software like builderall and clickfunnels.

How to beat the competition (with Bonuses)

As commonly known there´s a lot of competition on affiliate marketing products so we have to think about a way how people should buy through our link and not through the competitors´ links. The best way to do that and to beat the competition is by offering bonusses to your customers. You will learn how effective Liam is doing this and also where to get good bonusses if you do not know how to create bonusses by your own.

Email marketing

This is one of the most valuable and important lessons of the entire course and where a lot affiliate marketing beginners suck and do not focus on how to use email marketing as a „commission machine“.  During the intro Liam is highlighting this and shows the power of a great email marketing setup. The next lesson is about email autoresponder software and the available solutions in the market. After that Liam shows how to follow up on your leads and turn them into paying customers with a so called „soap opera sequence“ as well as using daily emails the so called „Seinfeld sequence“. The next two lessons are a little bit more about the „nitty-gritty“ technical side of how to set up the email automation by using an email autoresponder software.

Youtube marketing (free traffic)

Using Youtube as a free traffic source is probably the most powerful way. I am doing this and although my channel is not that big (when writing this review I have 451 subscribers) the majority of sales is coming from free YouTube traffic. So it really works in the beginning and you don´t need to have a big channel to start making sales with affiliate marketing on YouTube. This lesson is actually a real course inside the course. Liam shares so much valuable information where I had to buy an entire Youtube course to get to know these kind of information and here you get it inside of an affiliate marketing course which is so amazing. You will learn how to start a successfull channel, secrets of the algorythm, how to do keyword research on youtube (important to get found), how to produce videos that rank on youtube and some advice on tools you need to start producing videos as well as some insider secrets to push your videos in the beginning when you do not have (m)any subscribers.

Facebook Marketing (free traffic)

Facebook is a very powerfull weapon when it comes to online marketing and hot traffic. Because think about the fact of groups. Groups are a free collection of similar minded people who have the same specific interest on something and they meet there to get and to share information. So this is a perfect environment for us as online marketer. In this lesson you will learn how you can use groups to get free traffic from them, how and why to optimize your facebook profile, how to build your own profitable group and the principles of the facebook algorithm and how to use it for you.


Instagram Marketing (free traffic)

In this section it is all about Instagram but not only about using it to build your personal brand but using it as a big free traffic source. Instagram has a huge impact and if you are not using it as an affiliate marketer you are leaving so much money on the table. So this module shows you how to optimize your profile, the types of content you need to be posting to reach out to your audience on Instagram and how to monetize and use Instagram for affiliate marketing.

Instagram was something I did not know much about and wasn´t using it before but when I saw the potential of it I was convinced by Liam to not irgnore it any longer and I was so thankful for getting taught how to use it right in this course.

To be continued...

Well, I reached not further than the "Instagram Marketing" chapter so far and I still have to go through nearly the entire "paid traffic section" with chapters like "Google Ads, Youtube Ads and Facebook Ads" but as a beginner we should concentrate on free traffic methods first and based on the experiences I made on the previous chapters I cannot imagine that the following chapters will be disappointing in any manner.

I hope you could get a quite good impression of what you can expect of Liam´s course. So what else will you get and how is the support?


When you buy the course you will also be invited to Liam´s secret Mastermind Facebook group where you can get support from other marketers who bought the course and from Liam James Kay in person as well of course. In this group there´s really a great and motivating spirit and Liam is taking great care of his customers.You will also get direct Email access to Liam which you can use for very specific questions.

What else will you get?

A bunch of bonusses e.g. Checklist „how to find good affiliate products“, "60 done-for-you emails" which you can sell everything with and much more...

And last but not least you can become Liam´s Affiliate Partner and earn good commissions by promoting his course like I do it right now ;-)


So if you are interested in Liam James Kay´s 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp I can honestly say that it is defintely worth its price. It is a "Must Have course" if you don´t want to miss out a real affiliate marketing master´s secrets on how to earn multiple six figures with online marketing. It shows you the direction for transforming from a total beginner to a professional online marketer with the correct mindset and technical skills. You cannot do anything wrong with this course becaus it is so much overdelivering value. If you want to change your life and start with affiliate marketing press the button down below and remember "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity"!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

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